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Team Rider: Samuel Ålander

Team Rider: Samuel Ålander Name: Samuel Ålander
Born: 27th of July 1996
Domicile: Arvika
Home slope: Rackstadbacken
Skiing since: 2001
Favorite trick: Cork 900

Skiing is and has always been my biggest interest. When skiing as young boy I always did it the traditional way in the slopes but in early age I recognized the older guys doing cool tricks in the jumps, I became very inspired to do the same. That´s the way how I became skiing like I do today.

After a couple of years did I understand that skiing is something I want to do in the future. I applicate to the Freeride Gymnasium in Malung to became a better skier. This education have given me the opportunities to develop as skier in one of the best ski-resorts in Sweden.

Beside skiing I put my energy into skateboarding and my friends.

The goal with my skiing is to always have fun and become as good as possible.

Finally do I want to thank my sponsor 2117 of Sweden for helping me achieving my goals!


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